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Pvt Adam W. Hawkins enlisted in the US Army on April 14, 1942. He died in a training accident in the Alabama Training area for Fort Benning Georgia. July 5, 1944 Trooper Hawkins took his last jump.
1st Fatality Pvt Adam W. Hawkins 1st Fatality Pvt Adam W. Hawkins 1st Fatality Pvt Adam W. Hawkins
Mr. Adam Hawkins Milledgeville, Ga - Mr. Adam Hawkins was funeralized Sunday at Union Baptist Church.
Dec 15, 1919 ~ April 14, 1944
15 DEC 1919
Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia, USA
5 JUL 1944
Alabama, USA
Parents: Walstin Hawkins and Viola L. Young
National Headquarters is still researching, and will update as we get more information.
Troopers Clarence Beavers and Thomas McFadden, before their passing, told our National Historian that a trooper had died in a training accident in 1944. They could not recall his name or any details that would help us find the information on his death. The historian has been researching for years on this matter. The National President was contacted by a family member of Adam Walter Hawkins that said a his relative served in the 555 th and had died in 1944. After months of research the family member sent us the information and we concluded that he was the trooper that died in a training accident before he got his wings. Making him the first person to die in the 555 th Parachute Infantry Company. He received his wings posthumously. We have found additional information and it is included below. The 555 th Parachute Infantry Association, Inc. was formed for this very reason. To maintain the legacy and continue the research into the history of the “Triple Nickles”.
Joe, This is incredible research work. A magnificent attribute to 555 Infantry Company, Triple Nickles and the Hawkins Family. I am impressed with your research and teamwork to continue to recognize your Team members even after this much time. Well done, Airborne!! LTG (Ret) and Ambassador (Ret) Dell Dailey Thank you for sharing this information. Let’s keep the 555th in our hearts and minds as we continue to re-inform the world of OUR contribution to this country. This IS our country and we bled and died for that belief. Again Thank You. L. Charity Heroes never die. C. Kent THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS INFORMATION! K. Floyd